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Over the next weeks, you may find yourself working from home and supervising your children’s schoolwork. Keep your kids and teenagers safe with this cybersecurity basic report designed for ages 12 to 18.

This comprehensive cybersecurity guide provides an excellent opportunity to share cyber responsibilities with your teen. You may even learn something new. You can empower your teen to read this on their own and you can even follow up with a quiz! Cybersecurity topics covered in this report range from best practices for usernames and passwords to identifying and preventing cyber bullying through text messaging and social media. 

Now more than ever, it's important to talk to your teenagers about cybersecurity. With this guide, you can keep them safe and protect your home and work computers and home network from any threats generated by online activity. Cybercriminals thrive during unusual activity. 

This is the perfect spring break homework assignment or something the whole family can work on while we all pitch in to “level the curve” of the coronavirus. 

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This report includes all the information in the Cybersecurity Basics: Digital Citizenship for Ages 7 to 11 report.

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