2021 Annual Threat Lens Forecast
2021 Annual Threat Lens Forecast

2021 Annual Threat Lens Forecast

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the Biden presidential administration in the United States will be the primary forces behind shifting threats in 2021. The process of determining appropriate reopening timelines and testing the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine campaigns will be uneven, leading to social unrest.

Reopenings will also see previous threats that went somewhat dormant in 2020 return in 2021, such as mass public shooting attacks in the United States and a resumption of elevated migration attempts across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Biden administration will also be tested on its cyberdefense policy, with state-backed actors like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea continuing to aggressively target U.S. government and private sector networks.  PDF download, 15 pages.

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